5 best antivirus for android smartphones 2021


In today’s article, we have told about 5 best antivirus for android smartphones 2021. If you are looking for a security app for your Android phone then you are at the right place.

Today is the time of Smartphone and almost everyone has one or two Smartphones. Nowadays, you must have heard in the news how online criminals are stealing important documents from people’s smartphones or harming their mobile phones through various types of hacking and malware software.

Therefore, keeping your Android Smartphone safe from Hacking and Trojan Virus is the first priority of Smartphone users. So we did a little research on the Google Play Store and tested some antivirus and security apps.

5 best antivirus for android smartphones 2021

These apps keep your Smartphone safe and also protect the phone from Hacking and Malware Apps. Let us know which are the 5 best antivirus for android smartphones 2021.

1. Kaspersky mobile Security –


Kaspersky Internet Security is also a great security app that protects your Android and Tablets from Virus, Spyware and Trojans.

With this app also, you can keep your device’s personal and privacy data like Calls, SMS and Contacts safe. This Security App also blocks useless apps and SMS which can prove to be dangerous for your Smartphone.

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This app keeps your phone secure even while using your banking sites. Kaspersky Antivirus also monitors the apps that are downloaded and installed on your mobile phone and recommends removing dangerous apps.

You can also do web browsing safely because Kaspersky Antivirus blocks Fake and Malicious Links. You can also find the roaming phone with the help of Voice Alarm.

2. McAfee mobile Security-

In McAfee Security, you can also keep many functions and data of your smartphone like Photos, Contacts, Emails and Credit Card numbers safe. In this app, you can also keep all other personal data of your phone safe.

This App is Free. Like all the above antivirus, you can track your smart phone or tablet in case your phone is stolen.

3. ESET Mobile Security-

In this app also you get many features like you can scan the full device at any time. It supports both your phone and tablet.

You also get the feature of Anti Theft which helps in locating your lost or stolen phone through Remote Lock, GPS Localization SMS. You can track your phone by visiting

ESET Mobile Security is a premium security app that not only provides many free basic features but also some premium features in demo for 30 days.

4. AVG AntiVirus-

AVG Antivirus is also a very good Virus Cleaner which runs very smoothly on the phone. With this, you also protect your phone’s Malware, Scamware and Text Messages.Scan your Apps, Games, and Files and find your mobile phone through Google Maps.

It increases the speed of the phone by closing your background apps. In this also the option of Battery Optimization has been given, which will increase your Battery Life.

You can also keep your Wifi network safe and block unknown users.

5. Avast Mobile Security-

Mobile Security of Avast Antivirus is very good. This app scans your email, phone calls, infected web pages and incoming messages and keeps your phone safe.

This app has also been downloaded a lot by people on Google Play and its rating is also good. This app is also of Light Memory. It also boosts your phone’s charging time by closing your high CPU usage apps.

It also has the option of Junk Cleaner, which also increases the memory of the phone by deleting the useless App Cache. This is a Trusted Security App, but we feel that it has few features less than the above apps but its performance is good.

Do you want to buy mobile security antivirus for free then for that you have to buy antivirus key of any brand from If you buy antivirus on website then mobile antivirus security key is provided to you immediately.

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