5 Most Powerful Antivirus Software for Laptop, PC

5 most powerful antivirus for laptop

Running a PC or laptop without any antivirus software means that you are hosting many types of dangerous viruses in your computer. This will make your computer very slow. Some viruses are so dangerous that they can destroy your computer.

Antivirus software is a type of program that finds many types of viruses hidden in your computer and then deletes them from your computer.

In such a way, there are many types of antivirus software in the market, but here we will talk about such antivirus which is most powerful, in front of which no virus can survive.

1. Bitdefender

If you want to install the best antivirus on your laptop, then Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus. This antivirus keeps you safe from any kind of virus, malware, online hacking problems whether online or offline.

Bitdefender is an advanced technology antivirus software that provides you all kinds of security. If you need a high secure antivirus for your business work then Bitdefender will be the best antivirus for you. It has two types of products Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Bitdefender Internet Security, both of which are the best.

2. Kaspersky Total Security-

Kaspersky Total Security is a software that provides all in one protection. If you want features like antivirus, firewall, security, kid-safe, password manager etc in your computer in one software then this will be best for you.

Its firewall is very good, it protects against unwanted connections on the Internet and does not allow any kind of virus or malware to enter the computer.

3. Avast Premier-

If it comes to free antivirus for Windows PC, then I consider Avast the best, but we are talking about the best antivirus here. Avast Premier also does not lag behind in any case. This software provides you full features.

You will get powerful features like internet security, firewall, virus protection, software update, password manager, etc. in a single software.

I am using this antivirus software from last three years without any problem. So far no virus-like problem has been seen in my laptop due to this.

4. Norton Security Standard-

Norton Antivirus is considered to be the best software for business security. If you use the internet a lot, then install this antivirus.

It protects you from online viruses like Wi-Fi spam email, web security etc. If you are troubled by the virus of USB Device, then this software will also make you free from this problem.

5. AVG ultimate-

AVG Technology has been working on internet and virus security since 1991 and today it is one of the best antivirus software.

It finds and removes small and big viruses in the computer. AVG Ultimate is one of the best all in one antivirus software developed by AVG. This makes you free from viruses that break into personal information like Spyware and Adware.

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If your system starts slowing down due to any virus or junk, then this software detects and removes it so that your computer starts working faster.


If you install any one of the above antivirus in your PC or laptop, then you do not need to be afraid of any kind of virus. You have to keep updating your antivirus software all the time.

The biggest advantage of updating is that if a new virus has come on the Internet, then your antivirus will be ready to fight it. If you do antivirus, the chances of safety of your computer or laptop are high.

It is my opinion that if you want to buy the antivirus mentioned above, then you can buy the activation code of any antivirus from the Friends, if you liked this post of ours, then share it and tell us by commenting which antivirus software you use.

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