Why antivirus is necessary for computer-5 importance of antivirus


Why antivirus is necessary for computer? What is the benefit of using PC Me Antivirus or why should I use it.

What happens if you do not use anti-virus on your computer? Anti-virus use interactions, benefits information in Hindi. Hindi knowledge of securing computer system.

Internet is not a safe place. Remember, if you visit phishing sites or download uncertain files, your PC may be infected with a dangerous virus. Some viruses are distributed through email, free programs, pop-up messages, etc.

In addition, if you compress removable media like CDs, USBs and DVDs that are infected with viruses, your computer, laptop programs and software can be deleted.

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Sometimes dangerous malicious software damages the system as a whole. Therefore, it is very important to have a good antivirus software on your PC to detect or delete viruses before malware can cause damage to your system.

Why Antivirus is Important for Computer-

Malware is something called malicious computer software. These are made to steal one’s identity and personal information on a computer or to crack confidential information.

To address the importance of antivirus protection, you need to be aware of the different types of malware (malicious software) that can damage your system.

Viruses are the biggest computer attackers who can do all kinds of damage. Come on, now I am telling you why antivirus is necessary for computer.

1. Protect from Virus-

When antivirus is installed in the computer, any Parker’s virus is not able to come like we connect pen drive, USB, memory card and other external devices in the computer, then such viruses come in the computer.

If your PC has anti-virus, then on connecting any device to the computer, the antivirus scans and if there is any virus in it, deletes it and shows its notification.

2. Protect Personal Information-

We keep our personal information (bank account numbers, credit /debit cards, ATM passwords) on our computers or laptops.

If we do not have antivirus software, then any hacker can steal our information and misuse it.

3. Internet Security-

If you use internet on your device then antivirus is important for you. Because many times we visit such websites which are fake websites or sites created by hackers.

By the way, in today’s time everyone use Facebook, Twitter social media in mobile phone or desktop laptop, so it is important that you keep a good antivirus installed in your system.

4. Malware Scanning-

Malware attack can occur in our computer from any number of times, viruses can come which are very dangerous for our PC and can spoil our system.

With antivirus you can scan or delete any virus. Viruses can become a headache for you if your device does not have antivirus.

5.All Other Security-

Apart from all this, it is necessary to have antivirus for mail scan, website scan, extra device scan in the computer. If you want your device to function properly and your important information is protected, I would recommend that you use a good paid antivirus.

I use Quick Heal Anti-Virus on my laptop, if you like it, then it should be done by any other good antivirus after consulting an expert. If you want to buy antivirus key online then you can buy antiviruskey through


Before virus damages your computer, you need to install a good antivirus software to detect and remove virus from your PC.

Installing anti-virus is not just for your safety, you have to update it regularly only then you can secure your system.

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